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VS2012, Windows Phone and the “Reference to a higher version” error

Having installed Windows 8 Pro, Visual Studio 2012 Premium and the new Windows Phone 8 SDK, I was keen to make sure that my Windows Phone 7.1 project still built & worked. That meant getting all of the references to work again.

Most of the references were for packages that I could install through Nuget. However, one was for a Zip file that I had to download and unpack. Upon browsing to the appropriate DLL and selecting it as the reference, Visual Studio promptly reported:

A reference to a higher version or incompatible assembly cannot be added to the project

The ultimate solution was to right-click on each of the files that had been contained in the Zip file, choosing Properties and then clicking on the Unblock button. Once that was all done, Visual Studio then allowed me to add the reference, although it did warn me that it might be unstable! Not a lot I can do about that J.


WP7: Frustration mounts over lack of NoDo

As Microsoft continue to steadily increase the level of communication with Windows Phone 7 end users over what is in the NoDo update and when they might be able to expect it, the comments back to MS on their blogs continue to be equally increasing in negativity and anger.

The frustration is understandable, given that it was announced around November last year that we’d be getting a really good update pretty quickly and we’re now almost in April and that update still hasn’t arrived on most phones. To date, you can get it on brand new handsets and MS have confirmed that they are currently deploying the update to unbranded phones.

The main problem here is that end users are drawing comparisons with what happens on the iPhone – Apple announce an update and, hey presto!, it appears.

By all accounts, though, things aren’t so rosy for Android owners, where updates might never appear, which is pretty much how it was in the days of Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x. So it does look as if Microsoft have improved the situation with Windows Phone 7 in that they are rolling out updates … they are just taking a darn sight longer that most people would have liked.

In an effort to improve transparency, Microsoft have now released a couple of web pages that show where your handset should be in the process, one page for US customers and one for International customers.

The picture for International customers doesn’t seem to be too bad at the moment, with most carriers in the Scheduling phase. I guess time will tell when that column switches over to Delivering update and we’re still waiting for it …

Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from this experience and do something in time for the publicised Mango update that is due later this year (perhaps!). Customers will continue to draw comparisons not only with the iPhone update process but also the Windows Update process and, based on current experience, MS are falling short of both at the moment, with no really clear explanation as to why there are the differences.


Updating my Windows Phone 7

The day has finally come! I turned on my phone this morning to be greeted with:

An update is available.

Updates can make your phone work better and add new features. They can make your phone more secure too.

To learn more and install this update, connect your phone to your computer.

I have now done this and the first thing the Zune software wanted to do was to update itself. That didn’t take too long and restarting the Zune software

Upon connecting my phone to the computer, Zune wanted to update itself first of all. I did that, restarted Zune and then saw this:


Time to click the Update Now button …

Zune says there are 9 steps … and it is already on step 6 – rebooting my phone. Barely got a chance to see what steps 1 through 5 were!

The computer is installing a device driver for the phone … not sure what has changed there.

Step 7 is installing updates. The phone is showing a nice graphic of the phone connected to the computer with a progress bar moving across the screen. Curiously, there is an arrow pointing from the computer to the phone but with a red “no” circle across it. I wasn’t watching the phone the entire time so I don’t know if the circle wasn’t there to begin with (i.e. while data was being transferred) and then got added to show that no more data was being sent.

The progress bar isn’t moving very quickly … hope I shouldn’t be worried about this. Nope, shouldn’t be worried. The update has installed and step 8 is to reboot the phone again.

And that’s it! Zune is now saying the update was successful and I can disconnect the phone.


I know that this was the pre-update update but the process was pretty painless and reassuring. The phone now reports it is running version 7.0.7008.0.

My first post with the WordPress WP7 app

Just downloaded an update for the WordPress app and the good news is that they’ve fixed the bug where pressing the style buttons would wipe what you’d typed.

The bad news is that the stats options don’t work. I get an error about the API key. Off to report that …

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 and Bluetooth

I just saw a blog posting that hinted at using Windows Phone 7 with a Windows 7 computer over Bluetooth:

Using Bing to translate it from German into English revealed that when you pair a Windows Phone 7 device to a Windows 7 PC, you get some great options for audio control between the two devices:



Once paired, if you go to the Windows PC, right-click on the phone and choose Control, you’ll see a window like this one:


From here, you can enable the use of your Windows 7 computer as a speakerphone interface to your phone, and/or to play music from your phone onto your computer! You also get a minimal interface to allow you to control playback:


Pairing has also been greatly simplified. From my Windows 7 PC, I chose Bluetooth > Add a device. When it discovered my phone, I selected it and clicked Next:


The computer then displayed the following, and my WP7 handset displayed a notification asking me to confirm that it was displaying the same code number.


A couple of acceptances later (one on the PC and one on the phone) and the two devices are paired! On the phone, tapping on the entry for the computer connects them and you can then start playing from Zune on the phone to the PC!