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Screen flexibility in Windows

For a while, I’ve been using my Surface Pro 2 with an external monitor, with the Surface beneath the monitor. In Windows, I’ve had the Surface’s screen to the left of the monitor and I’ve “trained” myself that if I want to move something from the monitor “down” to the Surface, I have to move it to the left.

Today, I added a 2nd external monitor, daisy-chained with Display Pro, and then moved the SP2 so that it sits underneath both of them, like this:


I then opened the Screen resolution dialog and started dragging the SP’s screen across so that it would sit between the two external monitors. As I did, I realised you could alter the vertical position of the screen relative to the two monitors. In doing so, I discovered that you can literally match how the monitors are laid out:


I’ve now got to retrain my muscle memory so that it moves content in the physical direction of the screens rather than how I remembered the logical layout, but I am really impressed that this is possible!

(Probably obvious to most, but sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference!)


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