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Win8 Development: getting icons

One of the significant improvements from developing for the Windows Phone platform is that Windows 8 supports XAML as an image type, allowing you to provide vector graphics rather than rasterised. This ensures that you get the crispest, cleanest iconography you can have because the OS will scale the images appropriately.

One of the sites that I’ve used in the past is the Noun Project. They have some stunning icons, all of which can be downloaded in SVG format … but how to then get that into XAML?

The simplest method I’ve found so far is Mike Swanson’s free Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export plug-in. Download, copy to the right directory, open the SVG file in AI, choose Export > XAML.

Job done.

Well, almost. You’ve then got to incorporate that into the project as a resource, but that’s for another blog ;-).


One response to “Win8 Development: getting icons

  1. druck September 11, 2012 at 7:17 am

    Vector graphics rather than rasterised in Windows 8? Well done Microsoft, welcome to 1989 and RISC OS 2!

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