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Now available: The Release Candidate for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Really pleased to see the Release Candidate made available:

It has been interesting learning about VMM 2012 by using the beta VHD but it became frustrating recently when the provided copy of SQL Server expired. I didn’t have the mental energy to move the databases onto our production SQL Server so I’m glad that a refresh of the VHD is now out.

Evaluating VMM 2012 by using the VHD is, in my opinion, the simplest way to start playing around with VMM and learning what it can do. Download, attach to a virtual server and away you go!

It is also possible – and supported – to upgrade from VMM 2008 R2 SP1 to VMM 2012 RC and then to VMM 2012 RTM, so if you have an existing VMM 2008 R2 SP1 estate, you can upgrade to VMM 2012 RC safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to upgrade to RTM when it arrives.

Speaking of which, I wonder when it will arrive? Are the various System Center products going to be released independently or in one big hit? If the latter, I suspect we may be waiting a while because I think VMM is the first Release Candidate … DPM has only recently hit beta!

I can’t see any support listed for Linux, though, which is a shame given that RHEL, amongst others, are supposed to be supported guests of Hyper-V.


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