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Two IPv6 addresses defined? Try this

If you have an IPv6 network set up, the likelihood is that you are making use of Router Advertisements to allow your systems to automatically grab an IP address.

However, if you then statically assign an IPv6 address to a server, for example, you end up with two IPv6 addresses … which seems to me to be very messy. Deleting the dynamically assigned address seems to be pretty difficult … you can delete the DNS entry to try to stop other systems using it, but the DNS entry will come back.

The answer lies with netsh. All you need to do is run this command:

netsh interface ipv6 set interface <x> routerdiscovery=disabled

where <x> is the index for the interface. This can easily be found with the command:

netsh interface ipv6 show interface

This will stop the server from listening for those Router Advertisements and automatically remove the dynamic address.

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