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Pinning a WordPress blog with IE9

If you’ve got IE9 installed, you’ll know that one of the features it introduces is the ability to pin a website to the Windows 7 taskbar and, depending on how the site has been defined, gain useful shortcuts from the jump list.

The Windows Team recently shared that if you use this feature with a WordPress blog, you really get some great benefit and the thing about WordPress is that there are over 20 million sites that immediately gain this benefit.

So what does it give you? Well, here is the jump list for my blog, pinned to the task bar:


So, at the top, you get the 5 most recent posts followed by a set of tasks that are most useful to the blog owner.

If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider pinning it to your taskbar. Alternatively, you can now subscribe to the blog by email – there is a Sign me up! button on the right hand side of the page, at the top. You’ll then get notifications of new posts by email. Alternatively, there is the good old RSS Feed, which is on the page just a bit higher than the Email Subscription feature.

Thanks for reading.

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