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Deployment and Upgrade of SCVMM 2012

Following my first look at SCVMM 2012 Beta, this post looks at some of the enhancements in the Deployment and Upgrade pillar.

Highly Available VMM Server

With SCVMM 2012, the product is fully cluster aware. Indeed, you can now install the product on more than one node of a cluster and when you use the console on your main PC, it connects to the VMM service cluster name rather than the individual instance of VMM. That way, you don’t lose connectivity when you are working on the cluster.

That said, you still need to follow HA best practices, namely making sure that all Library servers are on HA File Servers, and the VMM DB is on an HA SQL Server.

Furthermore, if you have an existing cluster and install VMM, you can then “add” the cluster as Hyper-V hosts and it automatically retrieves all of the information about the cluster and the VMs already running.


Microsoft are supporting (n-1) upgrades only, so this means that you have to be on VMM 2008 R2 SP1 if you want to be able to upgrade to VMM 2012. Furthermore, SQL Server 2008 or later is required.

If you are upgrading, there are some other points that need to be noted:

  • VMM 2012 does not come with Windows AIK now but does require WAIK 2.0. It is therefore necessary to uninstall WAIK 1.0 and install WAIK 2.0 manually and, if HA VMM, on all nodes.
  • If upgrading directly to HA VMM, it will be necessary to pre-create an AD group used by HA VMM.

You can do an in-place upgrade of a standalone VMM server or upgrade directly to HA VMM server. If you have been using SQL Express or SQL 2005, you will need to uninstall VMM (keeping the database), migrate the database over to a supported SQL server and then, when you install VMM, point it at the existing DB.


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