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A first look at SCVMM 2012 Beta

If you have been following MS announcements, you’ll know that the entire System Center range is getting a refresh this year. Microsoft have been running Community Evaluation Programs (CEP) on the various applications as they reach a stage of maturity and the CEP for Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) has just started so I thought I’d take advantage of this to try and learn about the application ahead of using it in production.

We don’t have a large virtualised estate, but that is changing. This year, we’ve installed a 3-node cluster with shared, direct access storage. That is for the main office. Elsewhere, I’m planning 2-node clusters with iSCSI storage. To that end, being able to manage that estate, particularly with a view to easily migrate VMs from node to node (primarily to balance resources) and also to easily build and tear down new VMs or even complete services, is very attractive.

This is definitely an area that SCVMM is targeted at. The product covers 4 “pillars”:

  • Deployment
  • Fabric
  • Cloud
  • Services

Under each pillar, there are key areas of functionality that the application provides:


  • HA VMM Server
  • Upgrade from previous versions
  • Custom properties
  • Powershell


  • Hyper-V Bare Metal Provisioning
  • Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix XenServer support
  • Network Management
  • Storage Management
  • Update Management
  • Dynamic Optimization
  • Power Management
  • Monitoring Integration


  • Application Owner Usage
  • Capacity and Capability
  • Delegation and Quota


  • Service Templates
  • Application Deployment
  • Custom Command Execution
  • Image Based Servicing

The aim of the CEP is to provide regular Live Meeting sessions that take attendees through the various aspects of the application:

  • SCVMM 2012 Overview
  • Adding Hyper-V host, deploying Bare Metal Hyper-V hosts
  • DPM – Disaster recovery in an Hyper-V environment
  • Overview of networking
  • Overview of storage
  • Cluster creation, update management, dynamic optimization
  • Overview of Clouds
  • Overview of Server App-V in VMM
  • Overview of Service Creation
  • Modeling Virtualized Services in VMM
  • Maintaining Virtualized Services
  • Importing/exporting Service Templates
  • Overview of Concero
  • Overview of Multi-Hypervisor Support

Future blog postings will look at some of the detail provided.


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