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WP7: Frustration mounts over lack of NoDo

As Microsoft continue to steadily increase the level of communication with Windows Phone 7 end users over what is in the NoDo update and when they might be able to expect it, the comments back to MS on their blogs continue to be equally increasing in negativity and anger.

The frustration is understandable, given that it was announced around November last year that we’d be getting a really good update pretty quickly and we’re now almost in April and that update still hasn’t arrived on most phones. To date, you can get it on brand new handsets and MS have confirmed that they are currently deploying the update to unbranded phones.

The main problem here is that end users are drawing comparisons with what happens on the iPhone – Apple announce an update and, hey presto!, it appears.

By all accounts, though, things aren’t so rosy for Android owners, where updates might never appear, which is pretty much how it was in the days of Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x. So it does look as if Microsoft have improved the situation with Windows Phone 7 in that they are rolling out updates … they are just taking a darn sight longer that most people would have liked.

In an effort to improve transparency, Microsoft have now released a couple of web pages that show where your handset should be in the process, one page for US customers and one for International customers.

The picture for International customers doesn’t seem to be too bad at the moment, with most carriers in the Scheduling phase. I guess time will tell when that column switches over to Delivering update and we’re still waiting for it …

Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from this experience and do something in time for the publicised Mango update that is due later this year (perhaps!). Customers will continue to draw comparisons not only with the iPhone update process but also the Windows Update process and, based on current experience, MS are falling short of both at the moment, with no really clear explanation as to why there are the differences.


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