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The importance of keeping drivers current

I’ve just been writing a review of Synology’s DS1511+ NAS unit for Digital Media Thoughts and I wanted to really throw some data at it to see how it performed. I’ve got my media PC connected to the NAS over a 1Gb switch, with multiple SATA drives connected to the PC.

Using TeraCopy, I set up four copies – one for each of the SATA drives – to a single volume on the NAS. However, copying was not entirely successful – it would work for a while and then seem to just give up. Disabling and enabling the Ethernet interface on the PC seemed to get things going again for a while but it wouldn’t last.

Looking at the drive for the RealTek Ethernet interface, I noticed that it was quite an old driver, dated 2007. Looking in their web site, I could see that they had much newer versions, which I then downloaded and installed onto the PC.

The difference was fantastic. All four copies went smoothly, taking the average network utilization up to around 80% or 800Mb/s. A big improvement for such a small amount of effort.

It just goes to show … it doesn’t hurt to periodically check the drivers on your system to see if any of them have newer versions. You might be surprised at the results.

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