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Updating my Windows Phone 7

The day has finally come! I turned on my phone this morning to be greeted with:

An update is available.

Updates can make your phone work better and add new features. They can make your phone more secure too.

To learn more and install this update, connect your phone to your computer.

I have now done this and the first thing the Zune software wanted to do was to update itself. That didn’t take too long and restarting the Zune software

Upon connecting my phone to the computer, Zune wanted to update itself first of all. I did that, restarted Zune and then saw this:


Time to click the Update Now button …

Zune says there are 9 steps … and it is already on step 6 – rebooting my phone. Barely got a chance to see what steps 1 through 5 were!

The computer is installing a device driver for the phone … not sure what has changed there.

Step 7 is installing updates. The phone is showing a nice graphic of the phone connected to the computer with a progress bar moving across the screen. Curiously, there is an arrow pointing from the computer to the phone but with a red “no” circle across it. I wasn’t watching the phone the entire time so I don’t know if the circle wasn’t there to begin with (i.e. while data was being transferred) and then got added to show that no more data was being sent.

The progress bar isn’t moving very quickly … hope I shouldn’t be worried about this. Nope, shouldn’t be worried. The update has installed and step 8 is to reboot the phone again.

And that’s it! Zune is now saying the update was successful and I can disconnect the phone.


I know that this was the pre-update update but the process was pretty painless and reassuring. The phone now reports it is running version 7.0.7008.0.

One response to “Updating my Windows Phone 7

  1. Elliott May 1, 2012 at 1:29 am

    can’t say the same for mine, I have that same red circle round the arrow and whenever it gets to the end of the update it restarts and hasnt done a thing!

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