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Looking for a quiet NAS box

… and when I say quiet, I mean as quiet as possible.
I have been careful with the choices I’ve made when putting together my Windows 7 HTPC in that both the computer and the external storage unit are fanless. Unfortunately, because the motherboard on the HTPC doesn’t support multiple drives on the eSATA port, I am using the expansion card that came with the storage system. This works well, by and large, but – and it is a big but – the computer does not always “see” the card when it resumes from sleep mode, forcing a reboot to correct it.
I am therefore thinking of moving the external content to a NAS unit. Since it will be located in the living room next to the rest of the AV equipment, it needs to be as quiet as possible for when nobody is watching anything.
I’m not too worried about capacity as I could add more units to the network but if the NAS is capable of multiple drives, all the better.
I have been looking at the Synology products, particularly the new unit they’ve announced but I am concerned about the potential fan noise levels.
Any thoughts or suggestions? Please leave a comment if you do.
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