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Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 and Bluetooth

I just saw a blog posting that hinted at using Windows Phone 7 with a Windows 7 computer over Bluetooth:

Using Bing to translate it from German into English revealed that when you pair a Windows Phone 7 device to a Windows 7 PC, you get some great options for audio control between the two devices:



Once paired, if you go to the Windows PC, right-click on the phone and choose Control, you’ll see a window like this one:


From here, you can enable the use of your Windows 7 computer as a speakerphone interface to your phone, and/or to play music from your phone onto your computer! You also get a minimal interface to allow you to control playback:


Pairing has also been greatly simplified. From my Windows 7 PC, I chose Bluetooth > Add a device. When it discovered my phone, I selected it and clicked Next:


The computer then displayed the following, and my WP7 handset displayed a notification asking me to confirm that it was displaying the same code number.


A couple of acceptances later (one on the PC and one on the phone) and the two devices are paired! On the phone, tapping on the entry for the computer connects them and you can then start playing from Zune on the phone to the PC!

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