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WP7: What I *love*

Having just written a post entitled Foibles and irritations, it is only appropriate that I write a balancing post!

Like the Foibles post, I’ll keep this one updated as I come across the little things that I really love and appreciate. Bigger things will get their own separate post, which is why there are only a few items here so far Smile. If I do write separate posts, I’ll link to them here as well so that this will be an all-encompassing “what I love about Windows 7” post.

  • The screen is a delight to read. Text is crisp and easy to read. I’m firmly in the camp of loving the user interface, particularly because of the way it has been designed to have text falling off the sides of the screen to give you the visual cue of more content.
  • I love the animation the phone goes through when you delete an email – it looks like the email is shrinking away from you and then dropping down into the bin.
  • Pinch-zoom in an out works in emails as well as in the web browser. HTML emails are really gorgeous to look at, particularly compared to drab text-only emails on my old phone!
  • I like being able to rearrange the Start screen, both removing tiles and rearranging the tiles. I’ve now got what I think are the most important tiles at the top of my screen – Phone, People, work email, home email, Calendar, Twitter and Internet Explorer. That is a full screen, with messaging, XBox Live, Pictures, Music & Videos, Marketplace and Me below them.

    I think that the ability to move the tiles around at will fits in really well with the concept of a dynamic, living Start screen. Not only can the tiles themselves update their display but my ability to rearrange the contents is a reflection of where I place the importance on different things as I become more familiar with the phone.


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