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WP7: Apps on my phone

I thought that I’d try to keep a single post that lists all of the apps on my phone – either that came with it or that I’ve subsequently installed. I’ll also either add some notes about the app, or link out to a more detailed exploration of the software.

Title Notes
360 My Web Vodafone application, pre-installed
Adobe Reader  
Alarms WP7
Calculator WP7
Calendar WP7
Camera WP7
Freda eBook reader
Games WP7
I’m a musician LG exclusive
Internet Explorer WP7
Maps WP7
Marketplace WP7
Messaging WP7
Metro Scanner  
Music & Videos WP7
Office WP7
Panorama shot LG application, pre-installed
People WP7
Phone WP7
Photo Stylist LG exclusive
Pictures WP7
Play To LG application, pre-installed
ScanSearch LG application, pre-installed
Shopping List  
Tesco Real Food  
Tool Box LG exclusive

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