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Long-standing issue with Windows Media Center now resolved!

Ever since I had the media PC hooked up in the living room, I’ve had an issue where the right-hand side of the screen could show a very thin vertical strip of garbage pixels. My workaround to date has been to select the high contrast colour scheme (so that the background is black instead of blue), set something playing and then back out to the top level of WMC’s user interface (at which point the screen redraws and clears the garbage away) then go back to “Now playing” to see the content I’d chosen.

Not ideal.

Thankfully, Microsoft have now released a hotfix for the problem. I’ve installed it on my PC and some quick testing of recorded TV programmes, a DVD, music, photos and videos all show that the problem does indeed seem to have been fixed.

You can read more about the problem and the resolution for Windows 7 and Vista at KB 974324. The hotfix can be requested electronically and you’ll receive an email with further details. Please note that the hotfix has not been fully tested and so if this causes you concern, you may want to wait for Service Pack 1 to be released as this will contain the fix as well.

My thanks to DMS_Freeview on The Green Button for originally posting the information in a discussion thread there. I only wish I’d found the thread last year when it was posted!

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