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Do you like Windows Media Center?

If you do, you might be interested in this post.

Microsoft are currently running a contest of ideas for applications for the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Anyone can submit an idea and anyone can then vote for the idea that they like. At the end of the contest, one of the suggested applications will be created by Microsoft.

So where does WMC come into this? Someone has brilliantly suggested the idea of an app that essentially turned a Windows Phone 7 into a mobile/portable Windows Media Center Extender, allowing you to access the Guide, video, music, photos and recorded programmes.

The rules are quite complicated regarding how Microsoft decide which application "wins" and gets created but this idea is currently #1 so please vote and/or share the idea on your own blog, Facebook, etc and spread the word! Viral marketing is definitely a factor in terms of which app gets written so the more this happens, the better.

The contest allows you to vote daily, so please help and maybe we’ll end up with a fantastic way of accessing Media Center content on our phones.

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