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Adobe CS5 and my next computer

I was intrigued to get an email from Adobe yesterday that linked to the HP web site where there are recommendations for different HP Z Workstation and HP Mobile Workstation configurations to get the most out of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Which HP Z Workstation is right for Adobe Creative Suite 5?

I’m not ready yet to buy a new computer but it is one of the first things I’ll be seriously considering once I get a new job so I like to do a bit a research in the meantime. The site that HP have put together is quite informative and you can click on different usage patterns to see which models that HP are recommending:


I’ve selected the Video & Audio Production tab as video editing is the main use I get out of Creative Suite. I like the way that HP have laid the site out and it would be interesting to see other computer manufacturers take a similar approach.

What has really caught my eye, though, is the system at the far right. The HP EliteBook 8740w. Yep – HP reckon they have a mobile platform that would be good enough to handle video editing. On the face of it, it looks decent enough:

  • 64-bit Windows 7 Professional
  • Intel Core i7, 1.73GHz, Quad-core
  • 8GB DDR3 memory
  • Two 500GB SATA 7200rpm drives
  • NVIDIA Quadra FX 2800M or 3800M graphics card

Clearly, that is one heck of a workhorse of a laptop but it warrants further investigation, I think. One of the bugbears I have with my current setup – a Dell Precision workstation – is the noise. There is just a continuous drone of noise which gets worse as the fans ramp up when the system is getting busy. I must admit, I am tempted by the idea of having a really powerful laptop – if it can do the job. The main reason I haven’t gone that route before is my use of the Matrox RT.X hardware which requires an expansion slot and so rules out laptops. Adobe’s use of NVIDIA GPU capacity to improve the performance negates that requirement.

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