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Sky 3D

I’ll be honest – I’m not really a fan of 3D. As a wearer of glasses, I struggle to cope with having to wear a second pair of glasses. To date, apart from the old style coloured filters which are, frankly, pretty rubbish, my main experience of 3D films has been with the use of polarising lenses. I have purposefully avoided 3D at the cinema out of fear that the additional cost of seeing a 3D film instead of a 2D film would be wasted on me.

Visiting the O2 at the weekend, I came across an opportunity given by Sky to get a preview of their 3D channel, shown on a new hi-def 3D TV set using polarising glasses. The booth was very small, fitting perhaps 10 people inside. My viewing angle was off to the left hand side of the TV.

The demonstration was a series of clips from various programmes including sport, someone singing, ballet and the kids from “So You Think You’re Smarter” with party toys. I was pretty impressed. The picture quality was clear and it was evident that there was a sense of depth to the picture. Of the clips that we saw, I felt that the most effective ones were where you had the impression of there being space behind the front of the TV set. The clips that didn’t work were where they tried to break out of the front of the TV set, e.g. with waving hands or the party toys.

I’m still not completely sold on the idea of 3D, particularly while additional glasses are required. It would also be interesting to see how the polarising glasses compare to the active shutter glasses.

If you are visiting the O2, though, try to find 10 minutes to visit the Sky stand if you haven’t seen 3D before.


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