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Thoughts about the TV week ahead

Personal choices of what looks interesting …

  • Saturday, BBC 1, 6:15pm, Doctor Who
    After a cracking opening episode for the 11th Doctor, let’s crank up the fear factor with the introduction of the Smilers! Also shown on BBC HD.
  • Saturday, BBC 3, 7:00pm, Doctor Who Confidential
    Shown on BBC HD at midnight.
  • Sunday, ITV 1, 8:00pm, Foyle’s War
    The long-awaited return of the series, even if it is only a short, three story season. Also shown on ITV HD.
  • Tuesday, Sky 1, 8:00pm, Stargate Universe
    The show returns after its Christmas hiatus.
  • Tuesday, Sci-Fi, 10:00pm, V
    A new version of the classic series. Will it be as good as, or better, than the original?
  • Wednesday, Sci-Fi, 10.00pm Human Target
    A new series, based on a comic strip about a super-cool security consultant with an uncanny knack for extricating himself from deadly situations.
  • Thursday, ITV 1, 8:30pm, The First Election Debate
    Dull or interesting? Got to watch it just to find out!
  • Friday, C4, 10:30pm, Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction
    Robin performing stand-up comedy.

With the exception of Sky 1 and Sci-Fi, the programmes listed above are on Freeview and can be viewed on a PC equipped with a digital terrestrial tuner and Windows Media Centre.

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