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Great TV over Easter

This probably reflects my personal tastes more than anything else but there definitely looks like some great TV being shown over the long Easter break. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Ashes to Ashes, Friday, BBC 1, 9pm.
    The third and final series. This series apparently wraps up some of the mystery/questions around Sam from Life on Mars, as well. Also shown on BBC HD.
  • The Mentalist, Friday, Five, 9pm.
    Episode 7 of the second series. I think that this show continues to be strong – I just love the character of Patrick Jane!
  • Shark Tale, Friday, BBC 3, 10:30pm.
    A decent film and one to add to my growing collection of movies!
  • Malaysian Grand Prix Qualifying, Saturday, BBC 1, 8am.
    Will the Red Bull team continue to be as strong in qualifying as they have in the two previous races?
  • Doctor Who, Saturday, BBC 1, 6:20pm.
    Ah, the start of the new series with a new Doctor, new companion, new TARDIS, new production team … anything not new? Really looking forward to this. Also shown on BBC HD.
  • Doctor Who Confidential, Saturday, BBC 3, 7:25pm.
    I love the Confidential shows … there aren’t many other programmes that have a full-on supporting “behind the scenes” programme as well. Also shown on BBC HD (at 8:40pm).
  • Malaysian Grand Prix, Sunday, BBC 1 8am and BBC 2, 9:55am.
    Darn the BBC for not scheduling the race continuously on the same channel! Would it have been that hard? Really? Anyway, let’s see if Jenson can capitalise on last week’s win … and will Vettel finish a race?
  • Jonathan Creek, Sunday, BBC 1, 8pm.
    Yes – the long haired, magic weaving investigator is back in a one-off special! OK, it isn’t a full-on series, but I’ll take what I can get. Also shown on BBC HD (at 10pm).
  • Wonders of the Solar System, Sunday, BBC 2, 9pm.
    Last of the series. Brian Cox is a great presenter with an easy-going style. Really enjoyed the programme. Also shown on BBC HD.
  • House, Sunday, Sky One, 10pm.
    The first on this list that isn’t shown on a Freeview channel. I love this programme, particularly the character interplay.
  • Heat, Sunday, BBC 2, 11:10pm.
    An epic crime thriller with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. One for the library!
  • Flushed Away, Monday, BBC 3, 7:40pm.
    Goodness, another film! Great story to this one.
  • The Gadget Show, Monday, Five, 8pm.
    Not a programme that taxes the brain but good fun, nevertheless.
  • MasterChef, Monday, BBC 1, 9pm.
    The final three chefs. Not been a bad series, particularly as they’ve juggled with the number of contestants that have gone through each round, but the repetitive narrative gets a bit too much sometimes.
  • FlashForward, Monday, Five, 9pm.
    The show does seem to have benefitted from its extended hiatus break. We’re starting to see more answers to the mysteries posed in the early episodes.

So there we go – my personal highlights and favourites for the next four days. With the exception of House, all of the programmes listed above can be watched on Freeview and with Windows Media Centre on a PC equipped with a tuner.

Enjoy the break!

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