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How much of Windows 7 is out of date?

This may seem like a rather strange title for a blog posting, given that Windows 7 isn’t even a year old. However, I’ve just hit the second example of Windows 7 installing a component that is out of date.

As a reminder, the first example was the driver for the Dell SAS 5/iR integrated controller which was originally a Microsoft driver dated around 2006/2007 but, after updating it, moved to an LSI driver dated 2009. It wasn’t much of a show-stopper, to be honest – I really updated it because I was (and still am) concerned about the drive performance.

The second example though was really serious. It locked up the workstation solid. Nothing was working.

So what was the cause? According to Adobe, Windows 7 installs an outdated version of the Roxio pxhelp driver. This causes a crash if you are using Encore CS4 and select the Blu-ray format. What was irksome about this issue, though, is that the complete and utter lockup made this virtually impossible to try to troubleshoot. It was only because Matrox had a forum posting about known issues between Encore and Windows 7 that I was readily able to find the blog posting and, from there, install the correct Roxio version.

Without that, I would still be struggling to try to build a Blu-ray disc.

Hence the question in the title … how much of Windows 7 is out of date? I love this version of the operating system but, boy, is it starting to worry me that it has got some out-of-date bits and pieces in it.


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