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A browsing journey

Have you ever had the experience of starting out at Point A and, through a series of connections or links, ended up at Point B – a completely unrelated but absolutely wonderful destination? If you have, you might enjoy this journey. If you haven’t, come along anyway and see where I ended up.

I was catching up on the Twitters that I follow. Just for the purpose of sharing, I use TwInbox in Outlook 2007. I find this to be a great tool for reading Tweets as it allows me to store the really useful ones within Outlook so I don’t run the risk of losing valuable information.

One of the Twitters I follow is ScriptingGuys. They had re-tweeted the following:

RT @janegilring: RT @errantsunset: PowerShell Community Extensions 2.0 Beta Released <=cool

So I clicked on the link to find out more about the PowerShell Community Extensions. Not a lot on that blog page but there was a link to a new beta of PSCX. Still not a lot of information to be found about what the extensions deliver (I know – I could probably get the info by downloading it and looking but I like to know what I’m getting before I get it). Next stop – the home page. OK – a bit more info (at least there is a link to a list of the features in 1.2) but not a lot.

Ah – there is a reference to Scott Hanselman’s Big Ten Life and Work-Changing Utilities. Wow – what a list! I think I’ve come across this list in the past and I’m definitely going to have to go through the list more carefully than the quick glance I’ve given it.

So where did I end up? Well, I was reading the comments posted to the blog and came across this:

Ooh you should also add as an excellent password generator/manager. What is so great about this tool is that, using a master password, will generate a unique and secure password for each site domain you visit and auto-fillout the fields. Its gr8 and invaluable.

So I popped over to the SuperGenPass web site and was seriously impressed. I’m definitely going to give this a spin as I subscribe to future web sites.

That was my journey. I never expected to find something like SuperGenPass and there are a bunch of other utilities that I want to try out when I get the chance.

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