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Help! How can I recover from a broken RAID 0 array?

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’ve got the Silverstone Technology DS351 external storage unit connected to my HTPC. This uses the Silicon Image 4726 chipset to connect up to 5 SATA drives through a single eSATA port.

At some point last week, the DS351 stopped working in a really weird way. When the HTPC boots up, you see the various BIOS output, amongst which is the output from the eSATA host bus adapter in the HTPC. Normally this lists the first drive on the DS351 but no more … nothing is displayed after the BIOS banner. Indeed, no drives from the DS351 are visible within Windows.

However, running the configuration tool for the DS351 does clearly show that there are five drives – three set up as a striped RAID 0 array and two set up as a mirrored RAID 1 array.

Now, I reckon I can take one of the mirrored drives out of the chassis, connect it to my Dell workstation and recover the data off that drive.

But I’m completely stumped as to how I might be able to recover the data from the 3-drive array. In theory, I guess I could connect the three drives up to the Dell workstation and tell Windows that they form an array except for the rather awkward issue of not having enough spare SATA ports!

Unfortunately, Silicon Image don’t provide support to end users. I’m currently waiting to see if Silverstone answer my request for help.

Any thoughts? Anyone know the 4726 well enough to predict what will happen if I try to rebuild the array? Presumably it will try to re-format the drives and I’ll lose the data, so that isn’t really an option …


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