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Look Who’s Back on TV!

Looking forward to tomorrow (Sunday) night … two of my favourite programmes are back on the BBC!
First, we have the next Doctor Who Special – one of the last few stories with David Tennant in the lead role before Matt Smith takes over next year. "The Waters of Mars" is broadcast on Sunday 15th November at 7pm on BBC1 (Freeview channel 1) and also BBC HD if you are lucky enough to be able to receive that! If you aren’t, it will be available on iPlayer in HD which can be played back on PCs.
Second, we have Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3 (Freeview channel 7) at 8pm. I love "Confidential" for the insider’s view on what goes into making Doctor Who.
Finally, the return of Top Gear! BBC2 (Freeview channel 2) at 9pm. As with Doctor Who, this is also being broadcast on BBC HD.
Good viewing for Sunday night!

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