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I watched episode 6 of FlashForward last night (broadcast by Five in the UK, on Freeview channel 5). The series is definitely starting to take shape now and by the end of this episode we know a significant piece of information around what was behind the event.
Ever since starting to watch the programme, I’ve been reminded of the film Paycheck. If you haven’t seen the film, I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice to say, though, that if were told – categorically – what your future would be in 6 months time, would you accept it or would you take steps to avoid that future? And if you took steps, how would you know that those steps weren’t actually the steps that led you to that future?
I certainly think that the characters Olivia and Mark (husband and wife in the series) demonstrated that the best last night. Part of their argument was solely based around what each other’s FlashForward has revealed. For Mark, it showed he had been drinking – and this has clearly been a problem for them as a couple in the past – and for Olivia, it showed she was in a relationship with the father of one of her patients! Watching them argue in episode 6, I couldn’t help but wonder if they weren’t driving themselves towards that point regardless of their efforts to avoid it.
FlashForward is broadcast on Mondays at 9pm and repeated on Fridays at 10pm and Saturdays on Fiver at 9pm. Easily recordable on Windows Media Centre if you have a Freeview tuner in your PC!

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