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3 days to go …

On 6th August, the Windows 7 RTM will be available for download to MDSN and TechNet Plus subscribers, along with Volume Licensing customers. Anyone taking odds on the download servers not surviving the crushing load imposed by all of us eager to lay our hands on the Real Thing? 🙂

Unfortunately, even after we get the RTM code, that isn’t the end of the wait. For a lot of us, we will be waiting for the various hardware manufacturers to release Win7 versions of their drivers and supporting applications. Windows 7 has good support for Vista code but there are some quirks that the 3rd parties need to resolve for an installation to be rock solid.

We’re also waiting on Microsoft … 90 days for Configuration Manager SP2 and for MDT 2010 … key components if you are looking at automating the deployment of the OS itself or applications and updates to the clients.

Still, I’ll be joining the hoards at the end of this week, eager to get my copy … if for no other reason than to try to fix the problems I’m having with my HTPC!


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