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Running TweetDeck on Win7 RC

After trying to get more into using Twitter as a result of being at Tech-Ed 09, I installed TweetDeck at home on my Vista PC and found it easy to use. Installing and using it at work on my Win7 laptop was not so easy but I don’t think much of it is down to Win7.
The first problem was installing it. We use a proxy server here that requires authentication – AIR doesn’t install with that in the way so I had to bypass the proxy – never a good start Sad. It installed quickly and painlessly … which then brought me to the next hurdle of running it. For some reason, the window always opens off the monitors. I’m not the only person experiencing this, but thankfully someone blogged about it in enough detail for me to then use his solution:
One of the changes in Windows 7 that I hadn’t realised/spotted until now is that the window context menu that you used to be able to get to by right-clicking on an icon in the task bar has "moved". You now have to right-click on the mini version of that window. Makes sense but it is another step to remember.
Apart from that, TweetDeck seems to be working fine.

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