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Day 2 of using Windows 7

Fairly shortly after making yesterday’s post, I find a solution to the SonicStage problem – someone has built a version of the SonicStage installer that includes all of the bits without needing to go onto the Internet. I installed it yesterday but have only just tested it by putting more stuff onto my Flash Walkman, which is working so that is a blessed relief.
I thought that I had also solved the Bluetooth problem by installing an application package from Dell. It installed and seems to work fine – I’ve managed to pair my BT headset to the laptop – but there seems to be functionality missing compared to Vista. In Vista, for example, you can get the laptop to establish a connection to the headset. This isn’t there in Win7 or, if it is, I can’t find it. This is problematic because if there isn’t an active connection, you cannot get software like Communicator to use it as a device.
Today’s area of failure is the docking station for my E series laptop – plugging headphones into the headphone socket doesn’t work. Thankfully the headphone socket on the laptop itself does work!
On the good side, I love the new themes with the shifting desktop backgrounds. I’ve currently got mine set to United Kingdom.
I’m also getting to grips with the changes to the taskbar. When I read about the proposals, I was all in favour. I’m still in favour but I’m struggling a bit. For example, on Vista, if you had Outlook running and a separate New Email window open, there would be separate buttons on the taskbar if there was space. On my PC there often was so I’m not really used to the group mode where you have one button and then all of the windows for that application appear on the button. I’ll get there eventually but it is a learning curve particularly since Win7 displays the mini versions and then as you drag the point across the mini versions, it goes into Peek mode – which I really like – but what I’m doing wrong is I forget to click on the mini version of the window I actually want.
Oh, the other thing I love about the mini version interface is the ability to directly close the window from there, rather than having to find the window and then close it. That is a great time saver.
Bring on the final release!

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