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Frustrating Communicator Mobile experience

I know that OCS is on its way and Microsoft probably don’t want to divert engineering resource away from that to maintain existing products, but I do find it incredibly frustrating that:
a) The system requirements and downloadable executables mention Windows Mobile 5.0, but not 6.0. The executable might well work on 6.0 except that …
b) The MSI does a version test of ActiveSync when you run it and it doesn’t like Vista’s Mobile Device Center. So I cannot install the executable on my Vista PC which means I can’t then try to put it onto my WM6 device.
If anyone from the Microsoft UC team reads this, please see if you can get someone to fix this!
Update: I’ve found a page that explains how to unpack the MSI: There still looks as if there is a bug in there somewhere as you only seem to get the admin install if you accept the default path. Changing the path didn’t put the files where I wanted them.
The 5.0 executable seems to work OK-ish on WM6. I don’t seem to be able to make a call to someone’s computer – only to their hard phone which isn’t at all what I want. Also, the connection only seems to work over TCP, not TLS, so I must be missing a certificate somewhere.
Also, after the executable was installed, the Start page was changed to "Communicator Default". I’m quite frustrated with the way the Start page works on WM6 Standard. I quite like the initial default one I had, which was designed by HTC, even though I don’t really like the green. The Communicator Default page changes the layout so that the frequent apps are big icons instead of small and generally takes up the whole of the screen space, which I don’t like much. Looks like I’ve got some learning to do here to see what can be done to design start pages.

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