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Curiousities syncing WM6 with Outlook 2007

I’ve been using a WM6 device since Tech-Ed at the beginning of June and I’m very happy with it, particularly around the synchronising with Exchange and Outlook. I’ve come across a couple of oddities – one of which I can’t resolve and one of which might catch other people out.
The one I can’t resolve is a recurring meeting request that has been edited, but the net result is that it doesn’t appear on my WM6 device. It appears in Outlook and it appears in Exchange (i.e. the two are in sync with each other). I’ve reconfigured the WM6 device to stop syncing calendar entries (which then removes everything) and then re-start synching calendar entries (which puts it all back) but that one entry still won’t go onto the device. No errors are generated. All very puzzling.
The one I now understand but which may catch people out centres on Tasks and the To-Do list. In Outlook, you can drag an email onto the task list and create a task from that email … except that you aren’t really in Outlook 2007. In Outlook 2007, dragging an email onto the task list sets a reminder on the email message and that gets it added to the To-Do list … but it isn’t a task. As a result, it doesn’t synchronise to the WM6 task list … which is a bit of a pain, but at least I understand the underlying logic here.
If you really want to create a task from an email, you have to navigate to the actual Tasks window, rather than the task list shown on the right-hand side of Outlook.

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