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Just installed the DreamScene Preview … yep, that’s right – the code isn’t finished yet, but it is being made available through the Ultimate Extras Update process as a "preview".
First impressions? Nothing to tell you how to turn it on! Right-clicking on the desktop gives you a menu that now has "Play DreamScene (Preview)" but it is greyed out. Nothing added to the Help text about DreamScene.
A bit of prodding later and I found it, logically enough, in the section of setting the background. So far, there is one DreamScene provided, which is an animated version of the yellow/green/blue Vista curtain. I tried getting it to play an HDV clip but it refused. Early days, I suppose.
With the video playing, I wondered what the performance hit was like. The memory usage jumps from 980MB to 1.02GB and the processor usage jumps from 1% to 3%/4% – and this is on a 2x Quad Core Xeon system, so that is 8 cores it is playing with. From the look of the CPU usage, it is using one core to do most of the work as it is substantially higher than the rest.
Until I can get more clips to play, I’ll probably revert back to a static background. This is an Ultimate Extra I was really looking forward to but it looks as if it is early days at the moment.

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