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Vista launches … and the updates begin

Today is the "official" launch of Vista, in that consumers can now properly buy it off the shelves or as part of a PC.
Turning on my PC today revealed a number of updates were available: two of the promised Ultimate Extras (Hold Em Poker Game and BitLocker & EFS enhancements), along with an important update (KB930857), three recommended updates (KB928089, 929427 and 931573), an optional driver update for my Dell SAS interface and an optional update that seems to fix a problem with Search. I decided to go with the poker game and the important & recommended updates. The updates required a reboot … at which point the system BSODed. It looks as if the system tried to do a crash dump during the BSOD, but failed. Power-cycling the system restarted the update process during the boot phase, although it is difficult to tell whether that would have happened anyway if the system had managed to install the patches on shutdown.
There isn’t anything in the event log, but that isn’t surprising as Windows has effectively shut down things like the event log. However, I have noticed a couple of ACPI related errors so I need to refer those to Dell.
This is not an auspicious start!

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