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Not a very productive day …

Today, I decided to reinstall the OS on my laptop. I took that decision because various bits of it weren’t working any more – I didn’t seem to be able to (easily) install software, IE was ignoring my proxy configuration and I couldn’t get Live Meeting to work.
Since such a task does entail completely wiping the OS, I thought I’d spend some of that time by seeing just what Vista Beta 2 looked like on my D820. After a couple of hours of setting up and installing Office 2007 Beta 2 as well, I was done.
Except that the laptop doesn’t work properly in the docking station. I can’t get the external monitor to work. It works just fine if I connect it directly to the back of the laptop, suggesting either there is a problem with the docking station under Vista or the DVI interface.
So back to XP it was … I’d got a Ghost copy of the factory install so I tried to restore that … except that Ghost kept on saying the destination drive had a lock on it or something like that. After a couple of abortive attempts, a colleague suggested using Partition Magic to delete & recreate that partition. I couldn’t wipe the entire drive & start over because I’ve got a lot of valuable data in a second partition …
So I did that – carefully making sure I selected the correct partition, I deleted it & recreated it. Booted up Ghost, restored the partition & let XP run … only to find that my valuable second partition was missing! Disc Management said the partition was there but in an unknown state. Back to Partition Magic and it shows that the partition is marked as hidden for some reason. Unhide it, reboot and … yes, the partition is back.
So I’m gradually working my way through installing all of the software I had beforehand. I’ve decided to stick with trying out Office 2007 Beta 2 – we’re going to be using it before Vista so it is important to get as much exposure to it as possible. I’m also sticking with IE 7 Beta – I really like what they’ve done with it.
However, for some reason, my IE feed list is gone. My favourites are intact because they are stored in a part of my roaming profile that gets copied on the server. Where are IE feeds stored? In the Local Settings directory, where they don’t get copied onto the server.
Just to put the icing on the cake, I can’t get my laptop to connect to the company’s wireless network. It keeps on complaining about the certificate. I’ve deleted & requested a new cert but that hasn’t solved it. So I’m in the process of trying to get a network capture to see if that helps. Somehow, I doubt it …
Do you ever have a day where you realise you should have just stayed in bed?

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