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HDMI: is there enough user education going on?

HDTV is all the rage – it seems that almost everywhere you look, there is something that is being announced or sold that is HDTV-relevant. The DVD/VHS combi that I bought has an HDMI connector – for VHS tapes?
So then there come along the announcements about HDMI 1.3. Apparently, this revision of the specification allows more to be done – more colours, better audio codecs, etc, etc. So I’m thinking: how will consumers know which devices support HDMI 1.3 rather than the original HDMI? Will it matter if you have, say, a PlayStation 3 that supports HDMI 1.3 and a TV that doesn’t? What will be the end result?
It looks like it matters – it really matters. It matters so much that HDMI 1.3 will have a different connector from HDMI!
I know that, in some regions, HDTV is still in the realm of early adopters, but surely this is going to aggravate even that group of people who like spending their money to be on the crest of the wave.
You add this to the debacle of the format war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray and you’ve got a sure-fire way of making sure you’ve got a bunch of p****d off consumers.
Update: it seems that one of the articles I read before I wrote this post placed the wrong emphasis on the linked article … and I followed that lead. The new connector is analagous to the mini DV connector found on laptops – it in no way makes existing HDMI connections redundant. Well, I must say that is a relief. More info here:

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