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Getting burnt by Office 2007 Beta 2

Following the loss of my RSS feeds within Newsgator, I decided to try and install Outlook 2007 onto my computer. Perhaps a bit rash, as it is a beta, but there are plenty of people out there who have blogged about using it without problems.
So the first question is can I run it alongside Office 2003 or do I need to uninstall Office 2003? I don’t really want to install the whole of Office 2007 (yet) so let’s try running Setup and see what happens …
Well, what happens is that the DVD drive spins up, the mouse pointer changes to an hourglass briefly but that is that. Nothing.
Task Manager shows that Setup is running as a task but there sure isn’t a lot of activity. This isn’t a slow laptop by any stretch of the imagination, so what is happening there?
OK, time to be foolish … let’s drill down into the DVD and run the MSI under Pro.WW … hmm, still no window output but it does look like there is some activity. After a while, I have Office 2007 menu entries, but they don’t work.
Ah, I need to install the language pack … over to Office.en-us, run the MSI there, get the install done, try to run the software … nope, that doesn’t work either.
It also appears that I can’t uninstall the software – it isn’t being listed in Add/Remove Programs. Time to give Setup another go … nope, that still isn’t producing any output.
Time to give System Restore a go – let’s rollback to before I started down this path of madness. System restores, reboots, log in and Office 2007 has gone although, annoyingly, the files have been left behind. Delete those. Try to run Outlook – nope, get an error about a missing MSP file. Same with Word. Oh, @$#! Can’t repair or uninstall it. Install the Office Resource Kit and try to use the office removal wizard but that appears to only remove versions prior to Office 2003.
Nothing for it – install the Windows Install Clean Up tool and force cleanup of FrontPage and Office 2003 and reinstall. Phew – that worked.
So I’m now back to where I was beyond I started on this. Anyone got any ideas why the Setup application isn’t doing anything?
BTW, I do know now that you can’t run Outlook side-by-side, but you can run everything else.

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