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The Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

This wasn’t a film I saw when it came around the cinema circuit, but I grabbed it via Sky by Broadband and watched it on the flight home.
In part, this is a very faithful adaptation of the story … but then there have been a few variations on that story so what is one more … ? It didn’t worry me that the relationship between Trillian and Arthur was more prominent. The ending was, perhaps, a bit weak, but this was always going to be a difficult story to adapt.
There were some lovely touches … the original BBC tune when the Guide first puts in an appearance, Simon Jones (the original Arthur Dent) as the Magrathean welcome image and, by no means least, the original Marvin puts in an appearance in a queue! Fantastic!
I thought that Mos Def was fantastic as Ford Prefect, but I did not like the change made to Zaphod. I preferred the "two head" version in the BBC series, as opposed to a head that folds back to reveal the second head.
Will there be a sequel? There are more stories to be told …

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