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Tech-Ed 2006: Kudos

This has to be said …
Kudos to the TechEdBloggers guys … they’ve done a fantastic job of reading all of the contributor entries and aggregating that into a useful distillation of Tech-Ed.
Kudos to the MS staff at Tech-Ed … particularly those who read & made comments on my blog . No, seriously, these guys put a ton of effort into presenting, trying to solve our problems, explaining the products, etc, etc, etc.
Kudos to all of the presenters … great job!
Kudos to the people responsible for the wireless network … I had zero problems with it. Last year’s wireless network was so dire, virtually everyone ended up using a cable connection.
Kudos to all of the event staff … this has gone really well, as ever. Sure, there have been some negative feedback about food, restrooms, temperature, busses, etc, etc, but you’ve done your best to respond to that feedback and it has been appreciated.
If I’ve missed anyone out that deserved a pat on the back, I’m sorry – please give yourself one now.
Here’s to Tech-Ed 2007! See you in New Orleans!

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