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Tech-Ed 2006: The Influencer Party

There has been some criticism, and perhaps justifiably so, as to how this party was publicised … or wasn’t. I only heard about how to apply for a ticket through some blogs and then some Google searching.
Should attendees really have to work that hard to go to a show party? Also, why has the number of parties hosted by MS dropped so much this year? I’m sure that San Diego had almost a party a night …
The party was the typical free food & drink affair with a raffle thrown in for added spice. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t really enjoy these. For people who have come to Tech-Ed with colleagues, they have ready-made talking partners. For people who have a wide network of friends who regularly attend Tech-Ed, they have ready-made talking partners.
For everyone else, and I was not the only one, you end up standing or sitting alone, like a lemon. Not everyone is outgoing enough to just walk up to a group and try to join in with the conversation.
Perhaps the party organisers could think about running some games that would help break the ice. Last year’s competition went a little way towards that because you sometimes ended up asking someone for help with a question but it might work better if you had teams of 5 or 6 working together on the game. Just an idea …

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