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Tech-Ed 2006: InfoPath 2007 – Development, Deployment, and Hosting of Rich and Browser Forms

Like so many other things I’ve seen this week, InfoPath 2007 is yet another area where Microsoft has listened to the customers. When IP 2003 came out, a lot of people said "Great … so how do I go about hosting that form instead of needing the client software?".
That has been answered with IP 2007.
This session covered codeless forms and coded forms, with both Visual Studio for Applications (which is a cut-down version of VSTO and included with IP) and Visual Studio for Office. It showed how not absolutely everything works when the form is hosted, but IP will make it very clear which bits aren’t going to work. I like that – it takes the guesswork out.
There are a few "reporting" features in IP 2007 now to help the developer cover any potential mistakes or get best performance out of it.
Yet another part of the Office Suite that I’m looking forward to using.

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