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Tech-Ed 2006: Getting Ready for Office 2007 and Vista with Learning

This was a lunchtime session and although, as the name suggests, it sat slap in the middle of the lunchbreak, this was a very useful session to attend.
Not only are Microsoft listening about what is working or not working in Vista, and what needs to change in Office to make it as good as Office 2007 suggests, but they have also been trying to find out what information workers need in order to learn how to use all this new stuff.
For example, after a software upgrade, apparently most managers expect their staff to be as productive as before the upgrade within one hour! That is a mighty tight deadline!
Microsoft has made some eLearning available for Office 2007 at and it is free until Office 2007 gets released. However, it needs a Passport account so there were some questions about how corporates can easily make this accessible to staff. Hopefully this will be resolved with RTM and the eLearning materials that are made available through SA & Volume Licences.

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