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Tech-Ed 2006: Exchange 2007 Storage Changes

It was this or Deploying Server and Domain Isolation with Windows IPSec. Did I make the right choice? I know that I’ll be implementing Exchange 2007 but I’m still not sure about server & domain isolation. Maybe watching the presentation when I get the DVD will convince me.
Anyway, back to the session I attended.
This was a very detailed but very dry session. It started off with where we are today in terms of how Exchange 2003 uses storage. It then moved on to the changes that have been introduced in Ex2007. One of the significant changes, which has been enabled by the move to 64-bit, is the removal of the streaming store. The ESE dataase can be so big now that there isn’t a need to have streamed files stored separately.
Changes have been made to the I/O load so that writes are now spread out instead of being done in clumps. This will help with replication to geographically dispersed clusters. In addition, we’ve now got log shipping.
The more RAM you put into this, the lower the disk I/O load because Exchange will be able to cache more and buffer more.
The additional roles introduced with this version add to the complexity, though. For example, the edge servers (the MTAs) now use ESE instead of straight files for the mail queue. This complicates the storage requirements. It means that planning for the deployment of a good design of Exchange 2007 is going to be very tricky.
Main points:
  • Use fewer & larger drives
  • High speed is not mandatory
  • 10k rpm is acceptable
  • Many independent databases

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