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Tech-Ed 2006: Geographically dispersed clusters in Exchange 2003

This was a really good session. Disaster recovery in Exchange is tricky to do, particularly if the storage or the site goes down, so it was helpful to find out just what was possible in terms of setting up a backup Exchange system elsewhere.
There sre some significant limitations, particularly around IP subnets, AD sites, etc, but depending on how much pain you want to go through if your system goes down, these pain points may be better than not having anything.
Of course, at the end of the day, it is going to come down to just how much management is prepared to spend on these DR solutions. The better the solution, typically the more money it will cost.
It also sounded as if Exchange 2007 will overcome some of the limitations/problems and offer better options.
Lots of choices for this afternoon:
1:30pm: Scorecard best practices or Windows SharePoint Services  – What’s New or Virtual Server Solution Scenarios
3:15pm: Functionality in Sharepoint for BI or Office SharePoint Server – What’s New or Office Groove deployments
5:00pm: Deploying Windows Vista or Branch Office Technologies for Vista & Longhorn or Ten reasons why you need R2 today
Oh, the choices …

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