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Tech-Ed 2006: End of Day 1

Well, that’s the keynote over. Like a lot of people, I bailed out at the end of Chris’ bit and during Bob’s summary.
Of the whole keynote, I enjoyed Chris’ part the most. The demo of PowerPoint interacting with SharePoint was particularly noteworthy. The whole Office 2007 Suite is looking to shape up into a worthwhile upgrade. I just hope we’ll be able to migrate our 2003 SharePoint Intranet without too much pain.
MS did well having lots of coaches lined up waiting for us. It made it easy and relatively pain-free getting back to our hotels.
That said, I think the idea of having the keynote on a Sunday evening doesn’t work. If you’ve attended a pre-con, you’ve already had a really long day – I ended up being at Tech-Ed for 14.5 hours and that is just too long. I realise that MS are under constraints to try to fit more & more sessions into the conference but this was a bad move. If they do it again next year, I might decide to stay in my hotel and read the blog summaries the next day.

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