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Tech-Ed 2006: the Start of Day 1

Well, the plan is working so far … got up early to bus over to the convention centre, registered, picked up bag, returned to hotel, had breakfast with wife, caught bus back to the centre … leaving wife to go on a Gray Line tour.

The bag looks well built but, being a messenger bag, it is constrained by how much it can hold. There aren’t any pockets for bottles of water, there is nowhere to stuff my sweatshirt (and I’ve almost lost it once because it fell out of where I’d stuffed it) and there certainly isn’t enough space to use it for day-to-day work after Tech-Ed. Shame, really. I enjoy using the Tech-Ed bags after the convention is over. I’m going to struggle with this one.

I’m staying at the Courtyard on Tremont Street, so the bus journey isn’t very long. If the weather stays as good as it is looking today, I’m going to try walking … at least to the convention centre, even if I don’t manage it back!

The floor plan for the conference centre shows that there is no expectation for the wireless network to work in any of the session rooms. So far, I’ve got a signal, but that may stop once we’ve got more people here. Hopefully, the wireless network will hold up better than last year!

Now, I’m waiting for my pre-conference session to start: PKI and Smart Cards – Making It Easier. We’re in a big room but not many people have arrived yet. Does this mean people are late or not many people are coming to this session?

I wonder what the take-up generally has been for the pre-con sessions?


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