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Tech-Ed 2006: Half-way Through Day 1

The first part of the Smartcard pre-con session is now over and most people are now at lunch. The session is interesting but largely embedded into what is coming: Certificate Lifecycle Manager, Vista and Longhorn. A pleasant surprise for the session was that every attendee was given a copy Beta 1 of CLM, plus a copy of the MS Press book on PKI, a USB smartcard reader and a smartcard! That is a sweet start to getting people interested and playing around with cards and CLM.
Lunch was slightly disappointing. It was a cold packed lunch, and the sandwich was very dry. I’ve had to put my sweatshirt back on because I’m so cold here today. Hopefully the extra bodies will warm the place up tomorrow.
The conference centre itself is huge! There is going to be a lot of walking over the next week. I really really wish that MS had provided rucksacks.
Update: just a clarification … Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) will run on Windows Server 2003 and support the existing PKI infrastructure. What Vista brings to the party is enhanced support for smartcards and features such as being able to unblock a smartcard without being connected to the CLM portal.

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