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  • Great keynote speech by Steve Ballmer. In addition the usual high energy from the big man, there was a lot of added humour from Ms Bee and some good demos that worked! I particularly liked the Exchange SP2/Windows Mobile 5 demo – this is something I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on.
  • I’ve won a mobile! I’m one of the lucky people who, after submitting a session evaluation, got a message telling me I’d won. So, it does work and it really is worth filling in the questionnaire. Now all I’ve got to do is hope that Cingular can provide me with a SIM-unlocked handset so that I can actually use it in the UK.
  • Thanks to the MOM expert in the cabana for putting me straight on how best to install MOM. The answer, if you’ve got a smallish number of machines, is to put it ALL onto a single MOM server. Oh, and don’t install Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003 – it won’t work until MOM SP1 comes out later this year. Also, don’t install Service Pack 2 for SQL Reporting Services – that won’t work either – stick with SP1. Don’t ya just love MOM !!?!?!
  • Thanks to the ISA expert who confirmed my thinking on a convaluted network configuration.
  • Thanks to the security pre-con yesterday for putting an idea in my head which was also confirmed by the cabana guys. I’ve now hopefully got a solution to the problem I posed in an earlier blog, regarding figuring out how to work out which patches are missing from a client. I’ll post a separate blog once I’ve tested out the idea.


  • The wireless network has had some problems today …
  • MGT09 hands-on lab wasn’t very good. The setup didn’t match the lab work which made it rather hard to work through.

All in all, not a bad first full day!



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