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SharePoint Portal Server: troubleshooting the gatherer

Great though the search and indexing feature is in SPPS, it can be a pain to troubleshoot, particularly since the error log refers to sts2 URLs with cryptic strings that don’t work if you click on the URL.

As a result of trying to troubleshoot a problem with MS PSS, I thought I’d share one of the tips they gave me. If you’ve got a URL like this:


you can use the listid GUID to help you locate the document library that is giving you the grief. To do this, open Query Analyzer and set it to look at the SITE database for your portal. Then, run this query:

Select dirname, leafname from docs where listid = ‘<LIST GUID>’ and DoclibRowID = ‘<DOC ID>’

where the LIST GUID is the listid string (less the curly brackets) and DOC ID is the item id number.

If you don’t get any results returned, it is likely that you’ve configured Portal Server to use multiple content databases. If this is the case, you need to select each of those databases in turn and re-run the query.

The results back from the query will be the document library and the actual document that is causing the problem.

Maybe the next release of SharePoint Portal Server will make all of these low-level tricks unnecessary …



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