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Tech-Ed Session Survey – a request for 2006

I love, and appreciate, the planning that goes into making Tech-Ed what it is. Part of that planning is asking early bookers to indicate their preferences for sessions so that (a) the rooms can be matched to expected demand and (b) the popular sessions can be repeated later on in the week (new to 2005).

However, there is a fly in the ointment with regard to (b), and that is that the preferences are listed with radio buttons which means that if you have to make a choice of sessions for a given slot, there isn’t a way of indicating that you had to turn down alternative sessions – and it is these sessions that would be good to repeat.

So, for 2006, can I ask that instead of a pre-prepared timetable as it has been for the 2004 & 2005 surveys, Tech-Ed organisers present the survey as a simple list of sessions, allowing us to pick the right number of sessions for the week, and you can then prioritise them in order of demand?

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